Honorable Agnes Ndetei

Honorable Agnes Mutindi Ndetei, a Kamba born Kenyan woman, is the former Assistant Minister of Education and Member of Parliament of Kibwezi. She is the founder of Solace Self Help Group, and a current member of NGO at UN International Public Policy Institute. She is part of the Kenyan Peace movement, “Sackcloth and Beads.

In her years as a high Parliament Member for her constituency of Kibwezi, Agnes built wells through a national water project. Presently, as an individual with the impetus of service to her people still on her heart, Agnes is finding ways to build wells on her own. With the development of the Solace Self Help Group, Agnes uses every dime/shilling she receives from her fund raising to move forward in an aspect of her “self-sustaining” belief system. She says, “We have everything we need to go forward and be self sustaining we just require some assistance. We require education and hands-on training.”

Solace Self Help Group

Solaces’ motto is “Environment First”. Agnes is passionate about growing back the trees that have been lost. In desperation, people can’t see past their next meal and have been cutting down trees to sell at any price, not realizing that the price they are paying will be devastating for them and their children for years to come. Their “meal today, none tomorrow” mentality brought about by famine and starvation has shortened their vision.

The wells are the foundation of the program. The people need to be able to access water, to feed themselves their families and their plants.

Presently Agnes has 2 well projects under way. The “Swamp Gravy Group”, founded by Joy Jinx, has donated money for the 1st Solace well. It is almost finished. Water is already being drawn up to sustain a local field of green peas and mango trees. (Agnes loves mango trees.) Agnes plans to sustain her Solace Self Help Group by producing and selling organic “Apple Mangoes” on the international market in a few years.

The 2nd Solace well is in it’s incubation stages, with fund raising assistance from the American students of the William B. Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle NY. Hon. Agnes Ndetei is starting to survey the site of her second well at Utini Primary School.

Agnes’ projects are in different stages of the “growing” process. Dealing with the Mother Earth, her people and her products takes time.

The One Unnamed

To the one who wishes to remain un-named,

“Behind every great man is a great woman”, this is a well known phrase that gives due credit to the ones who remain behind the scenes.

Here, I wish to honor the One in my life who wishes to remain behind the scenes. She is my Teacher and the one who introduced me first to Agnes Ndetei, to Sr. Anele Heiges, later to become Dr. Anele and to the Light within. She has been a support to us all individually and collectively and continually teaches me about the power of humility.

She belongs in the picture with Anele, Agnes and me and when I think of them all, I call them my “Triple AAAs”, my safety net.

This space is held in Honor of the One who wishes to remain un-famed. God Bless you.

I remain forever in gratitude,
– Irene

Irene Kabot

Irene Kabot is a physical education teacher and the Peace Magnet Facilitator at the William B. Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle, New York. She is the founder of Wells of Love and Hope and President of Speaking Your Peace, Inc.

“I am a woman of God. My roles are: peace maker, student, teacher, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I am here to learn and serve. To manifest compassion and joy. My great joys: teaching and learning from the children through Physical Education, Peace Education and our Peace Project. Helping others on their earth journey through seeing the light in them. I love speaking of God and of the good we are doing here with our Wells of Love and Hope Peace Project. People seem to enjoy listening.

I have been employed as a teacher for the State of New York for 26 years and it is getting better every year. The more I teach from my heart the better it feels. That’s what inspiration is. Find what you love to do…and do it!”

– Irene Kabot

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